Dosemu on 64 bit architectures

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I'm moving to a 64-bit system (Debian stable). The Dosemu website 
speaks about 64-bit ports since at least V 1.4.X, I have downloaded those 
binaries (with instructions that make no mention of any special 64-bit 
considerations or issues), but have been unable to get them to work and 
I wonder if they are 64-bit aware, It is also notable that debian currently 
does not seem to offer a dosemu package.

Am I on the wrong track? There was talk of a V2 in about 2013. Was that a 
fork, and should I be using it perhaps? Yet the original dosemu site 
persists, still with 2007 information, and no indication that it is not still 
relevant. All of this makes me wonder if this (sadly) is a dead end.

To cut to the chase: what do I need to do to run dosemu on a 64 bit OS, 
as promised? where is the software, and where is it documented? Any 
help or pointers (or critiques) would be  much appreciated. 

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