Re: Emulated PCI devices?

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>> [...] the way dosemu emulates DOS in much the same sense that wine
>> emulates Windows, instead of emulating hardware proper [...]
> dosemu does emulate the HW and uses freedos (or any other dos you ask
> it to boot).

To a point, sure.  But, for example, it takes file I/O traps and
provides its own implementation, backed by the host filesystem, rather
than letting the FreeDOS implementation talk to (presumably emulated)
disk hardware.

>> [...] it involves a legacy application, running under DOS, which
>> depends on a particular (relatively rare and expensive) piece of
>> hardware.
> If you want the DOS driver to communicate to that hardware, [...].
> If you want to emulate the "very expensive hw" without actually using
> the real hw, then I wonder what's the point.

The point is to get the application running without the fancy hardware
(which is now EOLed) without having to rewrite the portions of the
application that talk to it.  The company has done an EOL buy of that
hardware, but that gives them only enough to last about half the time
we expect it to take to do the complete port/rewrite.

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