Re: Ubuntu 16.04 on i386 has VM86 disabled again

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On 25/04/16 13:52, Stas Sergeev wrote:
That was the "right" thing to do. Or at least justified and discussed.
If we want vm86(), we need to re-implement it properly.
I have a word from top linux devs (including Linus himself)
that properly implemented vm86() will stay enabled.

This may seem like a strange question, but what is actually wrong with the current/past vm86() support?

I was under the impression that for 32-bit CPU operation it was simply a call to the corresponding x86 instructions, so don't see what would be "wrong" with that beyond the obvious aspect that it can be abused by malware (much like anything else really) hence the idea of having it configurable at run-time so it defaults to being off but is only a (root) text edit away from being enabled for us who want it for odd cases like dosemu.

Of course 64-bit is more of a problem...

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