Re: Ubuntu 16.04 on i386 has VM86 disabled again

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25.04.2016 15:16, Andrew Bird пишет:
Hi all,
	Just a quick note to let people know that if you upgrade your i386 Ubuntu to 16.04 LTS release, you'll find that you are only using cpu emulation again. I naively thought that fixing the problem for Wily HWE kernel would automatically mean that Xenial would come out with the fix. If this slow operation affects you, and you'd like it fixed, please visit the launchpad bug and indicate that it affects you and its importance.
That was the "right" thing to do. Or at least justified and discussed.
If we want vm86(), we need to re-implement it properly.
I have a word from top linux devs (including Linus himself)
that properly implemented vm86() will stay enabled.
Or the one can use kvm, which can already be enabled
in dosemu config.
Currently there are no resources for either re-implementing
vm86() or fixing kvm support to the state when it can be
enabled by default. But feel free to contribute. :)
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