Need Help - Dosemu Not Working For Ubuntu 32-bit

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As I reported to the list quite a while ago, I had to run an accounting package in a 32 bit machine because I could not get it to work in a 64 bit, both running fedora linux, and both on AMD hardware.

I have migrated the 32 bit machine to ubuntu 12.04 (precise) and installed the standard dosemu package. I now have the same error crash when I try to start the accounting program:

Invalid Opcode at 99E3 1f9c 3216 181300DF 1813 7*0000

and the boot log:

Illegal op ff ff ff

cpu exception 0x06 err 0x00000000 cr2=00017e6d eip=000093e3

Sigkill while in vm86():1f9c:99e3

Note that the above is identical to errors that I get running on a 64 bit ubuntu machine.

I could post the entire boot log file if that would help. I really need to get the accounting software to run under the ubuntu installation.

If there is a configuration tweak that I need to do, it's not obvious to me. I could try the hundreds of variations in the configuration file, but I would just be shooting in the dark.

I could also send the accounting software files if someone wants to try play with it, but I am not going to post it to the discussion list.

Thanks to anyone who can help me with this.

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