Re: Bug report: Left Alt key echoing the following character

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On Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 11:38 AM, Bambang P <bpranoto@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> When I launch a text editor and want to quit the editor by pressing
> ALT-x, the character "x" is almost always echoed to the text file
> being edited (some times it is not but most often it is). Same problem
> with Alt-F etc. The problem is with the left ALT key.
> The right ALT key also have its own problem. In FreeDos edit program,
> it works if there is no editing buffer open but if an editing buffer
> is opened (by menu File-New or File-Edit) it doesn't work at all.
> However, in MultiEdit editor the right ALT key works perfectly.
> Dosemu version is Source is downloaded from git repositories
> with latest change July 27,2012. The O/S is ubuntu 12.04.

It turns it is not dosemu fault but ubuntu 12.04 unity settings.

This resolves the problem:
1. Install CompizConfig SettingsManager
2. Run CompizConfig SettingsManager
3. Click Ubuntu Unity Plugin in Desktop section
4. Notice the "Key to show the HUD" is set to <Alt>
5. Delete the key assignment or assign to other key

Sorry for the noise!

Bambang P
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