Bug report: Left Alt key echoing the following character

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When I launch a text editor and want to quit the editor by pressing
ALT-x, the character "x" is almost always echoed to the text file
being edited (some times it is not but most often it is). Same problem
with Alt-F etc. The problem is with the left ALT key.

The right ALT key also have its own problem. In FreeDos edit program,
it works if there is no editing buffer open but if an editing buffer
is opened (by menu File-New or File-Edit) it doesn't work at all.
However, in MultiEdit editor the right ALT key works perfectly.

Dosemu version is Source is downloaded from git repositories
with latest change July 27,2012. The O/S is ubuntu 12.04.

I have posted in bug tracker on sourceforge.net (tracker id 3554176)

Thank you for your attention.

Bambang P
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