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On 01/10/2012 10:47 AM, Paul Crawford wrote:
When using the 2 config entries below "and" the -s option "as root" the
serial port speeds up to almost what it should be. It now takes 2
seconds to test the cable. That is good however, using the -s option
seems to force some sort of full screen and the "ega" graphics is then
broken. Without the -s option my window is as I define it in the config
file and "ega" graphics works OK.

$_ports = " device /dev/null range 0x3f8 0x3ff fast"
# $_com1 = "/dev/ttyS0"

Please help

If you attempt to get direct hardware access to any of the PC's I/O
ports (such as the UART for this case) you need to use -s for dosemu and
have it running with root privileges (e.g. adding it to sudo list, etc).

Just using '-s' should not break the graphics as such, unless your
software is also trying direct graphics card I/O access and that is
being passed through.

My $_ports entry should only allow serial stuff direct access through right?

I am running KDE and starting dosemu in a konsole terminal. When I do not use the -s option it opens in a small 640x350 window on my big screen and the dos "ega" graphics works. But the serial stuff is way too slow. Any time I use the -s option it opens in a window of max size and the ega stuff does not work but the serial stuff works well. The application screen at this point is all amiss. Even though it is mostly text. It acts this way when I run from a Virtual console also. IE tty2. Whether or not I use the -s option. From any tty1-6, 8-12 it does this.

Is there a bug that causes the -s to use direct graphics card I/O access, even though the $_ports is not specifying it?

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