Re: Serial port slow on Linux dosemu

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When using the 2 config entries below "and" the -s option "as root" the
serial port speeds up to almost what it should be. It now takes 2
seconds to test the cable. That is good however, using the -s option
seems to force some sort of full screen and the "ega" graphics is then
broken. Without the -s option my window is as I define it in the config
file and "ega" graphics works OK.

$_ports = " device /dev/null range 0x3f8 0x3ff fast"
# $_com1 = "/dev/ttyS0"

Please help

If you attempt to get direct hardware access to any of the PC's I/O ports (such as the UART for this case) you need to use -s for dosemu and have it running with root privileges (e.g. adding it to sudo list, etc).

Just using '-s' should not break the graphics as such, unless your software is also trying direct graphics card I/O access and that is being passed through.

Regards, Paul
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