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First, i'm glad to see as DOSEMU development in past several days
move onwards again. Thank You, Bart and all DOSEMU developers and

We use dosemu for running a warehousing activities program, and we
are in problems with insufficient number of printers availabe in
DOS. Know someone what are the possibilities for increasing actual
DOS max printer number (3)?

Our need are not either print to more physical printers, but use DOS
print under Linux to other purposes as:
- print to file and then convert this file under Linux to PDF
- print to file and then send this file from Linux as mail
- print to file and then process this eg. with inotify/incrond way
- send printed data to any Linux program

Our software is stil active maintained and developed, but its
authors regrettably supposes running only under windows (for which
it has several supplemental windows programs for windows printing,
mailing etc.). Under windows program can use printers LPT1-LPT9.
It would be very nice when it went use ports over LPT3 in DOSEMU

As there are no needs for direct print to printer, probably are no
needs for LPTx ports address room in BIOS Data Area.

I have no knowledge how are LPT4+ ports handled in windows, but when
it is "normal" file open (INT 21 fn 3D "Open file using handle"?),
then probably should not be extreme problem solve this in FreeDOS
and DOSEMU code.

Can please someone with better skill explain something about this?
And are there other DOSEMU users who were happy with this extension?

Thank in advance,
Franta Hanzlik
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