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Dear Xavier,
While it is conceivable that a DOS program could read beyond 2GB, it is
very unlikely it could seek to those positions, and very certain it
could not do so beyond 4GB.

Just to say that in the course of other testing here, I looked to see what the Microsoft C6.0 library calls for filelength() did with 64-bit dosemu. What I found was:

With 32-bit Linux/dosemu it can't open files >2GB.

With 64-bit it can open files >2GB but sees the length incorrectly:

For <4GB it is correct if you treat the returned value as unsigned. This may be the case in some software, but it is unlikely to be universal.

For files >4GB it seems to only get the lower 32-bits of the size, so the file appears (incorrectly) to be less than 4GB in size. I would have prefered the system to return (4GB-1) as at least you know the file is very big in this case!

However, I have not tested to see if useful data access is possible >2GB as I don't have any DOS applications that use very large files.

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