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Dear Xavier,
My own limited experience of dosemu has focused on the 32-bit version, and I have generally found it to be more compatible than the v64-bit version. I have put this down to the native emulation of the vm86 instruction under 32-bit mode.

You reasoning for wanting 64-bit, that of accessing files of >2GB might be flawed as most 32-bit programs, and most 16-bit DOS programs, have basic limits of 32-bits for file size & offset operations.

While it is conceivable that a DOS program could read beyond 2GB, it is very unlikely it could seek to those positions, and very certain it could not do so beyond 4GB.

You may get things working OK in 64-bit dosemu by some minor changes, as it seems the dos4g is rather sensitive to this, you may not really get what you want in file access.

Finally, have you tried contacting the author of dos4g in case they can help with compatibility? Though an old product, they might have some interest in helping with dosemu use as you (at the very least) have a business interest in porting DOS to a modern OS.


On 27/01/11 14:41, Xavier Tarifa wrote:
I'm using what gentoo calls dosemu-1.4.1_pre20091009 . And all other
programs seem to work, but the one that needs to invoke dos4g (which
is the main program, by the way) does not. Right now this machine is
working with a 32-bits version of dosemu, but the 32 bits
version has  2 Gb max filesize which we will meet soon and it's gone
with the 64 bits version. I tried the 64-bits version but it
seems to have problems with file locking.

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