Weirdest thing ever

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Here's the thing: 
I'm using  a 64-bits dosemu. I tested that it could run our programs without problems on a test server running CentOS 5.4. Everything worked fine, so I tried to put it in our production server, running a 64-bits fedora 10. It didn't work. Dosemu hangs when it tries to execute dos4g.exe (it seems that it's a memory extender). Top shows  a processor maxing out on dosemu. 

I ran it with strace hoping to see if it entered a loop or something, and to my surprise then the program worked fine. And that's the thing, dosemu works as it should when I run it through strace, but  hangs when it should execute dos4g if I run it "normally". The uids/gids are the same, I've compared the memory maps and they are exactly the same and I don't know what else to compare. Anyone has any idea of why it is doing this, and how to make it work without strace? I know that the obvious thing would be installing the CentOS that's proved to work, but this server is on the other side of the country and I don't have physical access to it. Any ideas are welcomed.
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