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Dear Xavier,
Traditionally most UNIX / C language applications used a 32-bit signed integer for file offset operations, hence the 2GB limit. This applied even to DOS 16-bit applications as they also supported 32-bit 'long' integers by special arithmetic.

You can get 32-bit applications that support >2GB because they are using special arithmetic to implement 64-bit offsets, but that is of course the 'natural' size for 64-bit applications.

At the time this was started 2GB was huge! When DOS was first available in the early 1980s you could only get 10MB or so HDD. It was only around 1995 that you could get a consumer product HDD with 2GB capacity, let alone consider single files of greater than this. And now my PC has 8GB of memory!

Even today, the likes of fat32 has the problem that a large file (e.g. video or backup archive, etc) can cause a write error if it exceeds 4GB.


On 18/01/11 14:16, Xavier Tarifa wrote:
The standard limits for 32-bit Linux programs is 2GB per file, even
though ext3 allows much, much more total space (and file size).

Have you tried using a 64-bit Linux and matching dosemu version?

You're right, a 64-bits linux does work. I would have never thought
that there was such a low limitation, though. It's the first program
I can think of that I've found problems with big files (but the only
other big files that I've used are mainly backups and vídeos so not a
lot of apps involved).

Thanks a lot, that would have been probably the last reason I would
think of.

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