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Ivan Baldo wrote:

Please excuse me replying "through" you, but I didn't get the
other message.

 > El 20/11/10 18:49, Vedran Vucic escribió:

When I tried to print I checked  .var/spool/cups and I attached file
which may be helpful.
As far asI see dosemu gives it to cups but cups does not print it.

Have you checked the status of the queue? The printer may be ok,
but the queue may be blocked. Queues may be started and stopped
independently of whether the printer is stopped.

INdeed, I print normally from other applications and dosemu itself.
Maybe it requires some change of format in order to get it printed out?



On Sat, Nov 20, 2010 at 1:49 PM, Ivan Baldo<ibaldo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Strange then... it seems everything is configured right but your specific
application doesn't work.
    Have you waited more than 20 seconds?
    Also, you may try putting this in dosemu.conf:
$_lpt1 = "lpr -P Laserprinter"
$_lpt2 = "lpr -P Laserprinter"
$_lpt3 = "lpr -P Laserprinter"
    This is just in case that it uses another port.

    Another thing you can try:
$_lpt1 = "cat>>/tmp/dosemu.lpt1"
$_lpt2 = "cat>>/tmp/dosemu.lpt2"
$_lpt3 = "cat>>/tmp/dosemu.lpt3"
Then try printing from the program and look at those files in /tmp to see
what they contain.

    Hope this helps!

El 19/11/10 03:46, Vedran Vucic escribió:

When I do command: dir>PRN it prints a list of subfolders.

My DOS application prints to PRN. Any advise?

Best wishes,


On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 1:14 AM, Ivan Baldo<ibaldo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    Your boot.log looks right!
The DOS application prints to LPT1 or PRN? Maybe it prints to LPT2 or LPT3 in which case you can configure them in dosemu.conf to be the same
If you execute under DOS the command "dir>PRN" does it print anything?

El 18/11/10 22:02, Vedran Vucic escribió:


Please check this:



On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 12:52 AM, Ivan Baldo<ibaldo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

    The config file seems correct.
    But maybe DOSEmu isn't reading that file but another.
    Please post the file boot.log (usually in ~/.dosemu/boot.log).

El 18/11/10 21:18, Vedran Vucic escribió:


When I want to print from my DOS application I cannot print on my USB
HP LP1020 printer. My printer is named Laserprinter in my cups
configuration. When I print from terminal using command
lpr -P Laserprinter nameoffile
it works well.
You can find my dosemu.conf on this link:

Please advise.


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