Re: Using a dos program that detects a signal on the parallel port

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Dear Malcolm,
I tested this today and no luck

What should i put with the line $_lpt1 = ""

if i put this it has no lpt port but if i put $_lpt1 = "lpr"
it tries to print to the default printer (PDF) not read the port.

You don't want the printer, so put $_lpt1 = ""

Then try in /etc/dosemu/dosemu.conf

$_ports = $_ports, "range 0x3bc 0x3bf"
$_ports = $_ports, "range 0x378 0x37a"


$_irqpassing = "7"

Then start dosemu from a terminal window with the -s command line option and root access with:

sudo xdosemu -s

This will prompt you for your password to gain the necessary privileges.

Also do i have to set the parallel port in the BIOS a particular way


I think you will need EPP, maybe ECP.

However, before going very far, can you boot your PC in 'real' DOS (e.g. freeDOS) to see if the software works first, before worrying about various Linux/dosemu configurations?

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