Re: DOSEMU keyboard problem

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On 8.2.2010 14:18, Bart Oldeman wrote:
still - how can I get these keys to work in DOSEMU?
DOSEMU depends on the TERM environment variable setting to get these
keys -- $_layout tends to not change these keys a lot as most
keyboards have home/end etc in the same place. Try (in Linux)
and playing a bit with TERM
export TERM=putty
does the job?


Yes, I had to change TERM from the default Netterm's 'VT100'to 'xterm-color' for everything to work. Using 'linux', 'putty' or 'xterm' fixed the keyboard problem, but some graphical characters did not display correctly.

With 'xterm-color' everything looks as it should.

Thank you!

 Best regards, Danilo

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