DOSEMU keyboard problem

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I fixed the performance issue - there was a leftover .dosemurc in users home directories, which included the '$_cpu_emu = "full"'.

But I now have a new problem regarding keyboard. I'm using Netterm telnet client, because it has excelent custom keyboard and character mapping abilities and it supports pass-through printing. I need mapping because the application is using an old, outdated and non-standard YUSCII encoding (check for more info).

On new DOSEMU there is a problem - when I press one of the 'home', 'end', 'page up', 'page down' or 'insert' keys, DOSEMU seems to 'hang' - but not completely. It still accepts CTRL-C and 'space' - but nothing else. This only happens if I use Netterm in conjunction with new DOSEMU. It works if I use Putty and it also works with Netterm and old DOSEMU (where the connection settings are exactly the same).

I used 'showkey' to check what Netterm actually sends for those keys::

HOME - ^[[1~
END - ^[[4~
PAGE UP - ^[[5~
PAGE DOWN - ^[[6~
INSERT - ^[[2~

These codes are the same that Putty sends and these keys work both in Linux (old and new server) and old DOSEMU...

I tried changing '$_layout', but that didn't change anything.

Any ideas?

 Regards, Danilo

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