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On 15 Sep 2009 at 8:46, Frantisek Hanzlik wrote:
> I probably not help You, but I just quickly tried run ghost (v7.5,
> in DOSEMU devel svn1954 on Fedora11/i686 non-emulated mode).
> When run in console, screen was garbled as You wrote. Under root,
> "dosemu -s" switch screen to some mode unsupported by my monitor,
> screen was black and I wasn't able switch to other virtual console
> or X, I must reboot via remote SSH.
> But, when I run ghost in xdosemu (from X terminal), all appears OK, mouse
> was working too.
Thanks for your information :-)

I tend to think that the "-s" switch merely calls "sudo" to get admin 
privileges => there's no point to using -s when dosemu is already run 
by the root.

As for "it works in X but not in console", my explanation is that 
under XWindows, the dosemu VGA graphics runs entirely in an emulator, 
whereas at the text-mode console, dosemu tries to access the graphics 
hardware directly, which fails for some reason...

Maintaining X in a diskless "boot anywhere" setup is not an option 
for me. Effectively it defies the purpose of my Linux+DOSEMU 
adventure, an important part of which is seamless simplicity :-)

The one point I forgot to mention is that I've tried dosemu
release and yesterday's latest from SVN and both behave the same.
I compile them for i486-pc-linux-gnu for maximum compatibility.

Frank Rysanek

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