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> > a year ago (crazy, it's actually to the day a year ago) I sent a patch to the list that Stas Sergeev sent me which fixed a MIDI input problem.  Today I've been installing Dosemu on another machine and found the patch hasn't been applied to the repository.  After applying it manually, everything works fine.  Any reason why it didn't make it into the SVN repository? > Would be great if someone could do it!
> Do you know what exactly all this actually does?

Sorry, I'm not familiar with the Dosemu code, neither are my programming skills (not to mention my C skills) sufficient to dive into it.  I can explain the (solved) problem in more detail (in words or possibly as screencast, if this helps) and provide logs from patched and unpatched versions for comparison.

My amateurish impression is that the unpatched dosemu isn't compatible with the program's MIDI polling strategy.  MIDI events are only taking effect with great delay.  If I'm lucky, after entering a few notes, they all pop up in the program with a delay of one or two seconds in between two notes while I'm watching.  Some events are lost entirely (particularly annoying if note-off events are lost).  Sometimes obviously events are stuck in the queue and only "pushed out" by following events, typically two notes at a time.  As long as there are events in the queue (either "stuck" or going to pop up in a few seconds), the program does not react to the qwerty keyboard.

Hopefully with this information the patch, which fixes all of this, makes more sense to you.

The problem with evaluating this patch is probably that there are hardly any people using MIDI input with Dosemu, I suspect.  Dave Phillips who is using (or used to use) Sequencer Plus Gold by Voyetra with Dosemu helped me with getting MIDI input into Dosemu.  I could try and install that software to see whether this program also works with the patch.

I hope the patch will eventually make it into mainstream distros because I know some people who are making a living from serious large scale work for major players in the music publishing industry with Score, the notation program I'm using in Dosemu.  But in order to use MIDI input, they have to maintain old machines with ISA hardware because (to my knowledge) no one in the Score community ever had success with getting MIDI input into Score with an emulator or a virtual machine.  That's annoying.  Most of them never touched a Linux box and likely won't be ready to patch, compile and install Dosemu manually (that's still a challenging job for me, and I have gained at least a bit of experience over the past few years I have been using Linux more or less frequently).

If I can help with further information, logs etc., then please let me know.

Thomas W.
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