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2009/6/26 jean-francois simon <jfs@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> i have tried it and it fails with:
> Page fault: write instruction to linear address: 0xdffff3fc
> CPU was in user mode
> Exception was caused by non-available page
>  VFLAGS(b): 010000001010000110
> EAX: 01000000  EBX: 00cc8600  ECX: 00cc8600  EDX: 00000615  VFLAGS(h):
> 00010286
> ESI: 00000212  EDI: dffff3fc  EBP: 00000000
> CS: 0033  DS: 0000  ES: 0000  FS: 0000  GS: 0000
> the address is valid since it is that which is reported by lspci. but it
> seems like a permission issue (CPU was in user mode). i did a "dosemu
> -s" though.

The DOS DPMI program cannot access the memory directly (on i386 Linux
kernels it would actually be a kernel address) but would need to
create a mapping using the DPMI function for physical address mapping
(int31/AX=0x0800). If you run "dosemu -s -D+M" you should see what the
DPMI program does in ~/.dosemu/boot.log and also where DOSEMU actually
maps that memory.

hope that helps,
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