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Everyone is pointing me to WINE for running VB applications inside
Linux. That makes sense. The reason I was looking at DOSEMU was
because I want to test a console application that can only be run from
the command line. My test VB application takes STDIN as input then
returns STDOUT as output. Is there a way in WINE to run a Windows
command line? I guess I need to move over to the WINE
documentation/forums. Thank you for your help!
If I'm not mistaken, you can use wcmd or wineconsole
On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 10:51 PM, Jason
Lillywhite<jason.lillywhite@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I created a very simple program in Mono VB. All it does is take your
age in STDIN and return a formatted string to STDOUT in a DOS prompt.
I compiled it and moved the exe to the virtual C directory of DOSEMU.
I tried to run it in DOSEMU and get "This program cannot be run in DOS
mode" error. This program works on Windows. Any ideas?

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