bpload breakage

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I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but bpload doesn't work at
all in DOSEMU 4.2. I reported this a week or so ago at

Apparently, something about the system state when mhp_debug gets
called for INTx events has changed. I have a basic fix for this in the
bazaar branch described at
https://code.launchpad.net/~naesten/dosemu/hackz, along with some
other improvements to dosdebug (such as a command to single-step until
the IP changes -- useful to get past those REP-prefixed string

It doesn't catch whatever the DJGPP bash uses to start other programs,
but if you run command.com under bash (but don't just type "command"
-- that does something different), bpload does catch where it loads
other things. I'm still investigating why this is.

The best way to get my changes into SVN would be to push them using
bzr-svn, so that each change ends up as a seperate commit. If nobody
else wants to, I'd be happy to if given SVN access -- my sf.net ID is
sbronson, as you can see in the above bug report.

Does anyone actually read the dosemu-devel list?
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