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While using FoxPro 2.6 programs in dosemu, I have notice that some
key-pairs like Ctrl+Enter, Shift+Enter does not works correctly.
Similar problem was founded in mailing list archive for linux-msdos:
Eric W. Biederman has suggested to try patch together with programme
keyboard_test-1.2. I've tried this prog. Looks like some keystrokes
doesn't works in common way:
'Ctrl+Enter' degrades to 'Enter', it produces scancodes 1C,9C (down,up),
'Shift+Enter' also degrades to 1C,9C, however 'Alt+Enter' works good -
- 38,1C,9C,B8.
I most interesting in Ctrl+Enter pair. How I can solve this problem?
May be it's already solved thus I just need some improves in dosemu.conf
or ~/.dosemurc...
Thank you. Sorry for awful syntax...

WBR Eugeny Petoukhov

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