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Peter M Le Mare wrote:
I am trying to install a DOS which will run beside MSwindows merely by
copying it to C: I have it on a CD and when I have tried using DOS
commands to copy to the C: drive it will not copy the exe file. The

I suppose you don't mean to say that the program starts up
merely by it being copied. I suppose you mean that all it
requires by means of preparing it to run is to copy it to
the C: drive.

programme I trying to copy is an amazing but old DTP programme called

DTP = Desktop Publishing?

Jetsetter. I have made directories on the virtual C: and it has copied
many of the files and made the fonts directory but NOT the graphics and
the jetset.exe file will not allow access to copy - why. How can i

What messages (if any) get displayed? Is is possible that the
destination doesn't have enough free space to hold the program?

install this programme. If not then how do I actually install a version
of windows (I have Windows 98 SE) to be able to install and use my Serif

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