Re: DPMI errors on amd64, but not on i386

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Julius Schwartzenberg wrote:
> I'm getting similar results with DPMI on AMD64. According to dosemu.conf
> DMPI on AMD64 is experimental, so I guess this is to be expected. I have
> the same problem when CPUEMU is set to full though, so I guess the CPU
> emulation is also still experimental.

Please note that I am using the 32-bit binary on both the x86_32 and 64 
kernel -- I've no knowledge about how dosemu works, but does it follow a
diferent code path on amd64 even if compiled for i386? (apart from 
x86_64's missing vm86plus syscall). 
Because of this, I initially believed I had misconfigured my kernel 
build, but since I am also having problems with the default 64-bit Debian 
kernel I guess not.

I've also tried a 64-bit dosemu binary, but same results. 


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