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well, I appreciate any input I can get.   

here is where I am:

1) gnome has extensive keyboard configuration options but none that I've tried 
have any noticeable effect on Dosemu.  I'm not sure it matters, however, because 

2) according to SCODE, under OS/2's Dos window, XP, and DosBox under Ubuntu 
Intrepid, Alt-Backspace produces 0EF0 while under Dosemu it produces 0E00.  not 
surprisingingly, Alt-Backspace XyWrite under DosBox deletes the previous word, 
while under Dosemu it doesn't do anything.  so, it would make sense to turn to 

3) kc.exe and keycode.exe to produce a new keyboard for use under Dosemu, 
except I don't know how to find a US.KEY file and wouldn't know how to modify it 
for that one keystroke if I did.  I guess the documentation in is very 
thorough -- if you know what you're doing, that is. 

-rafe t.

On Sun, 25 Jan 2009 09:45:12 +0100, Frantisek Hanzlik wrote:

>ray field wrote:
>> still trying to figure out how to retrieve Alt-Backspace.  I've experimented with at
>> least half a dozen different terminals without success.
>> is there no way to do it in the .conf file?  I finally came across the DOSEMU
>> Alterer's Novices Guide (there is no README.newkbd in my /dosemu/doc) which I
>> guess is for adjusting&  recompiling, which is a little beyond me, however perhaps
>> with a little guidance...
>> -rafe t.
>Sorry for my bad English, I thought that You want use original apps keys
>(Alt-Backspace etc. in WyWrite), my first mail was about it - scode
>give evidence, that keys come into DOS application (when I disable these
>keys capturing in GNOME/KDE/X).
>When You want use key remapping (ie DOS apps obtain ALT-Bacspace when
>pressing CTRL-F5), I have not experience with it, sorry.
>Regards, Franta Hanzlík
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