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Alain M. wrote:
> Can anyone help him?
> Alain
> ray field escreveu:
>> On Sat, 17 Jan 2009 01:18:19 -0200, Alain M. wrote:
>>> I personaly allways remap Alt-F2 to Shift-F2 :)
>>> Have a look if Alt-BS is not mapped somewhere
>>> Alain
>> thank you -- System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts got me to where I
>> could change "Show the panel run application dialog" from Alt-F2 to
>> Ctrl-Shift-F2; however, nothing is claiming Alt-Bk...?
>> -rafe

I managed to fix this sort of problem a long time ago. I cannot remember
the details now but it involved using a different terminal window.
I.e. rxvt instead of xterm.
I think rxvt was the one I used but cannot be sure.
xterm and others seem to grab the keys before dosemu even sees them.

Kind Regards

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