using dosemu for Fidonet software

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I have been experimenting with getting old Fidonet software working under GNU/Linux (Debian unstable on a PII-266), and after finding dosbox too slow, tried dosemu (1.4.0+svn.1828 from Debian unstable) and things are almost working how I want them. The BNU 1.70 FOSSIL loads and runs fine.

There are a few things I haven't yet figured out how to do:

1) map C: to /scsic in dosemu.conf

2) have an ANSI.SYS driver working for a program that needs it.

3) get Kermit for MS-DOS running. At present it locks up solid. I used it to talk to the modem outside of the Fidonet mailer, and also as an external protocol under the Maximus bbs program.

What debug options should I try for such a program?

Source and binaries are at:



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