DOSEMU on Acer Aspire One

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First I must congratulate you on producing a very useful package. Thankyou.
I have had my AAO since just before Christmas 2008 and it is amazing. I
have been in the computer business for over 40 years so am not often
impressed but the AAO with Linpus just works. I have added various other
packages with virtually no problems and DOSEMU is one. I have some
laboratory control programs written in Turbo Pascal running on various DOS
(old computers) systems and they are still used. Turbo Pascal works
effortlessly under DOSEMU and provided you only activate it once per
activation of DOSEMU everything is fine. I suppose that is a bug but it
does not cause be any pain. The problem I have is that my programs use the
Print Screen feature of DOS and although text pages miraculously find
their way to the networked HP laser I have not been able to install the
GRAPHICS.COM program necessary to print my graphs. The problem reported
was one I have encountered in the past and overcome with the MS cheat
program SETVER. I have installed SETVER OK and MSD shows the tables are in
high memory but despite trying setting several different DOS versions
numbers including 6.22 which the GRAPHICS.COM version I copied over works
with I still get "Incorrect DOS version". Any light you  can caste on this
would be greatly appreciated. Meanwhile I continue to explore.


Nigel Bennee

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