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Running dosemu 1.40 on linux mint ((k)ubuntu derivative).

I have been running dosemu (and dos programs) on a local harddisk without problem, but now wish to run on a network drive (a NAS box). I copied the folders with the dos files (msdos 6.2) and dos programs to the network drive and set the "$_hdimage" parameter in .dosemurc to point to the location for msdos on the network drive. I use the lredir command to create a drive G (lredir g: linux\fs/vw/maxtor/dos/wp), with the /vw/maxtor being mounted in fstab (
"// /vw/maxtor cifs username=victor,password=XXXXX,uid=victor,gid=users,umask=0 0 0")

The problem I am having is that all msdos programs run without problem but all non-msdos (WP, DataPerfect) programs produce an "Access denied" message. If I use freedos, instead of msdos the programs still do not run but I am returned back to the prompt.
There is difference between running dos applications under freedos and msdos, the dos application programs will not run at all under msdos but will run under freedos is copied to the c:\ drive.

I have read relevant material at http://dosemu.sourceforge.net/docs/README/1.4/ but my knowledge is limited and I cannot work out the solution.

I asked this question before and it was suggested that I add the option nobrl for CIFS in fstab (I tried this but it made no difference) and that I should check the permission of files (they are all read write).

Further help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Victor Warner.

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