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Frank Cox wrote:
On Sun, 09 Nov 2008 14:48:08 -0600
Larry Alkoff <labradley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Also the soft links in drive_c now do not show up.

I create a custom user's desktop and whatnot and put that into /etc/skel.  That
way all new users automatically get my custom desktop.

I also have a symbolic link in ~/.dosemu/drive_c to a directory under /opt
where I keep the common databases that all users access through the dos

I have discovered that if I have a ~/.dosemu/drive_c/link in/etc/skel,
then dosemu somehow can't find the symbolic link.  "cd c:\link" in a new user's
directory.  "cd c:\link" gives me a "chdir failed" error.

If I delete ~/.dosemu from the user's home directory, then run dosemu and allow
it to create its own ~/.dosemu, then put my batch file and symbolic link into
that directory, everything works perfectly.  And I have no idea why it would
make any difference, but it does.

Do you perhaps have a similar problem?  What happens if you remove ~/.dosemu
and then run dosemu?  Does it work then?

Thanks for your reply Frank.
All I can say is WOW.

I renamed ~/.dosemu and restarted dosemu.
It created a brand new ~/.dosemu with only autoexec.bat, config.sys and a tmp subdirectory.
I then exited and created a soft link to my main bin directory.
When I restarted dosemu, there it was.
To test, I cd to the 4dos directory and started 4dos - it came right up.

The only problem is I cannot exit dosemu by issuing 'exitemu' as normal.
The only way I have found to quit doesmu tonight is to:
ps ax |grep dosemu
and then kill the process.

Do know an easier way?

Thank you very very much for your help on this.
Who would have figured!


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