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I am interested in using a DOS application (Readmail, an offline mail/digest
reader) under Linux, where it is called by a file manager (Krusader). The DOS
application is called with the DOS file name as parameter, but the file
manager provides the unix file name.

Executed from the terminal, I have found that this syntax works:

xdosemu "readmail c:\temp\<file>"

where c: stands by default in this Debian Sarge instalation (Dosemu 1.2.1-3)
as /usr/lib/freedos, readmail is the name of the executable in a NTFS
partition mounted read only. This partition has been assigned a drive letter
(f:) by a lredir command in the dosemu autoexec.bat file and the directory
with this DOS application has been added to the path.

My question is whether there is an option in dosemu such that I could fed the
xdosemu-readmail combination with the unix file name instead, in this example

Regards, Alejandro

                        	Alejandro S. Jakubi
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