Re: Patch "New sound system for dosemu."

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Robert Komar wrote:
Hi Stas,
Guys, please, CC me the private stuff. I am not
supposed to dig the ML archives forever and I'll
soon cease doing so.

Unfortunately, what I'm learning from that list isn't good news.
Well, there is another sad news for you. I was trying
to rescue some dosemu code I liked, and that included your
code in midid. I was porting the entire midid to timidity
to give that code a new life. The work was going well with
about 12 patches applied to timidity CVS, but suddenly the
timidity project have died. You code was in the queue and I
decided to port it regardless. The patch is available, but
haven't made it in in time and now its too late. Well, at
least I did all I could. :)

progress was fantastic over the last few years.
Not really. We did some very nice progress only because what
we had before, was a plain crap, so any progress was becoming
remarkable. But still the amount of problems dosemu has, is
infinite. For example, being linux-only is not all that bad, but
being x86-only is not even funny. I was thinking about to write
a portable dynamic translator, but fortunately I haven't started
it, or I would have spent the months of work in vain, like I did
with the sound code.

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