not enough memory error

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I just installed dosemu with the help of dosemu
for dummies and it works fine (good job!). 
However, I'm trying to run this dos program and 
it exits with this message: "Not enough memory, 
required 559, available 393488"

But when I run mem /f it tells me that I have 
630K of free conventional memory (see below). 
Do you know why the program believes it does not 
have enough memory when in fact it does have 
plenty? Is there a way to "fool" the program 
so it runs.

Memory Type        Total       Used       Free
----------------  --------   --------   --------
Conventional          640K        10K       630K
Upper                 116K        16K       100K
Reserved              268K       268K         0K
Extended (XMS)     16,384K     8,292K     8,092K
----------------  --------   --------   --------
Total memory       17,408K     8,586K     8,822K
Total under 1 MB      756K        26K       730K
Total Expanded (EMS)                2,048K (2,097,152 bytes)
Free Expanded (EMS)                 2,048K (2,097,152 bytes)
Largest executable program size       630K (645,200 bytes)
Largest free upper memory block       100K (102,736 bytes)
FreeDOS is resident in the high memory area.

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