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Rafaе┌ Cygnarowski wrote:
DosEMU and Samba behaviour. But to use them all at the same time I *MUST* be able to run some Samba client under DosEMU. And question is: HOW?! Have ANYONE succeed with this?
Calm down, your problem is not with the samba client
but with that you have not set up the tcp/ip properly.
You choose the same address for the DOS client and
the tap device (, from your first message),
and that can't work.
And before you ask - yes, there *is* an uptodate docs
about that, but they were kept in secret for years. You
won't find them pretty much anywhere in the net - what
you will find is completely wrong and misleading. But
if you get the latest dosemu sources from SVN and
execute "make docs", the chances are it will generate
the real docs for you (you will also have to search the
source tree to find out exactly where it generated it -
the obvious place will still contain an old docs, so do
some searching). Most likely "make docs" will fail though,
as the confidence level of these docs is too high. :)
I really suspect only about 2-3 people know about their

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