Re: tcp/ip + samba + dosemu

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> I don't belive that you con run MS-CLIENT in dosemu, there is no driver
> for pkt.

I'm trying to run it in this way (to get NDIS over ODI over PKTDRV):

but here I should call netbind which never binds. I suppose it's my fault 
becouse I just don't know what to write to net.cfg, protocol.ini and 
system.ini files of MS-CLIENT.

> If you can make it work with a novel server, you could try it :) there
> is an IPX server for Linux. (never tried)
I'm already using MarsNW but this time I can't.

> BTW: FreeDOS is much better then it was... specially in a controled
> environment as dosemu, you could test is (under cntroled conditions)
Maybe... but it does change anything for me now :(
Rafał Cygnarowski
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