Game Titles Which Crash DOSEmu 1.3.3

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Clarence --

Thanks for pointing me to Stas' patch. I applied his patch cleanly against the latest SVN, but I'm getting an error when running, make :

Makefile.conf:86: *** missing separator.   Stop.

The aforementioned line contains @USE_ALSA@

Maybe, Stas will read this e-mail. ;)
Is the licensing problem over sound issues, i.e. Creative Technology?

Since I'm in the process of moving, it'll be a couple of months before I can return to the problems with those games, but some of them are easily found on websites like if anyone else has the time to investigate.

BTW, thanks Clarence and everyone else for your work on DOSEmu. It's still the best and fastest DOS emulator for Linux IMO.

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