Re: Runtime error 200 => How to slow down dosemu?

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At Tue, 25 Apr 2006 21:59:25 +0200,
Felix E. Klee wrote:
> > When I try to execute a program named "retrieve.exe" in Freedos under
> > Dosemu 1.2.2, then I get the error message "runtime error 200 at
> > 001D:233A.".
> I finally got it to work. :-) 

I have to take that back: It's working when the machine is throttled to
800MHz, but not when it's running at full speed.  This is driving me
nuts. :-(

I guess, the only reliable solution is DosBox where one can, to my
knowledge, adjust what speed the emulated processor should have.  Of
course, it requires a lot more resources, but this should not be too
much of an issue.

Felix E. Klee
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