Runtime error 200 => How to slow down dosemu?

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When I try to execute a program named "retrieve.exe" in Freedos under
Dosemu 1.2.2, then I get the error message "runtime error 200 at
001D:233A.".  I already tried patching the executable, but to no avail:

  >tppatch retrieve.exe
  TPPatch v1 - written by Andreas Bauer <andi.tio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

  Überprüfe die Datei ...Datei ist ok.
  DieDatei wird jetzt gepatcht...retrieve.exe kann nicht gepatcht werden.

The error message indicates that the file is already patched, but - as
said before - "retrieve.exe" simply doesn't work.  Also in the directory
is program called "rtm.exe".  But this one also cannot be patched:

  >tppatch rtm.exe
  TPPatch v1 - written by Andreas Bauer <andi.tio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

  Überprüfe die Datei ...rtm.exe ist keine von TP7/BP7 erzeugte Datei.

I tried uncompressing "rtm.exe" with "unp" but it doesn't seem to be a
compressed file.

Well, since the runtime error is most likely due to a processor which is
too fast, the only solution left seems to be throttling of Dosemu.  So:

  How can I slow down Dosemu to the speed of about a 233MHz PII?

The machine Dosemu is running on has a Pentium M running at varying
speeds, between 800MHz and 1.8GHz.

Felix E. Klee
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