Re: Runtime error 200 => How to slow down dosemu?

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Felix E. Klee wrote:

When I try to execute a program named "retrieve.exe" in Freedos under
Dosemu 1.2.2, then I get the error message "runtime error 200 at

That error means "Division by zero".

It is *sometimes* caused by a bad piece of timer initialisation combined with fast processors.

  >tppatch retrieve.exe

IIRC that patch is only for programs compiled with Turbo/Borland Pascal AFAIK. It's possible that it only handles code using Borlands CRT unit as well.

Also, IIRC some patches for this problem simply replaced a value with a higher value rather than actually replace the bad code. The result was that the code worked for another couple of years, but eventually started failing again when CPUs became a lot faster.

Not sure if that was TPPatch or some other patcher.

Well, since the runtime error is most likely due to a processor which is

I could be becuase of that, but it is entirely possible that the code tries to divide something by zero for some other reason as well.

too fast, the only solution left seems to be throttling of Dosemu.

You don't need to slow down Dosemu, you need to slow down the buggy program.

I've got a small piece of code I call Bx200Fix.exe that usually works for this.
I don't know if attaches are ok on this list, so I just put it up for download from

Simply run it with the program you want to run as parameter. Like this:
bx200fix retrieve.exe
bx200fix retrieve.exe someparameter

If that doesnät work, run it like this instead:
bx200fix ?retrieve.exe
bx200fix ?retrieve.exe someparameter

Without the '?' it just tries to hide the problem when the app is starting, with the '?' it keeps doing it til the app exits.

It's just a quick hack and has at least one possible problem:
It does not copy the parameter data *exactly* to the program it calls.
Usually this doesn't matter though.

Use it if you like it. And you may distribute it anyway you like as well.


Jonas Eckerman, FSDB & Fruktträdet

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