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Bart Oldeman wrote:
On Mon, 3 Apr 2006, Mike McCarty wrote:

Who is there who would be
interested in trying to track down what the incompatibility is?

FreeDOS bugzilla (see is a good place to report FreeDOS bugs.

Thanks for the pointer.

Also, I tried a different program which is part of Ralph Brown's
package, and which completely locked up. It does direct writes
to the memory area for the interrupt vectors. Is this not supported?

What *exact* program in Ralf Brown's interrupt list (?) do you mean? It's easier if you mention explcitly what to reproduce rather than us having to do the guess work.

You know, it would be nice to get an *answer* to the question. If it
isn't a supported action, then what difference does it make what
program it is? Only after knowing that bit of information does it make
sense to try to go further.

So, care to answer the question?

I'll guess: it's intended to be a supported action.

The program is INTERCEP.EXE. I was trying to run my own
program, but was unable to get the memory to load the
target program, so I tried Ralph's, which didn't even
run at all. Mine at least reported not enough memory,
and managed (at least I suppose it managed) to intercept
the interrupts and replace them. But mine uses the
Borland C interface to the MSDOS set/get interrupt vector,
while Ralph Brown's does direct writes to the memory

If you need a copy, I can supply it. The one I used
is contained in version 39.

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