Re: Setting up new dosemu 1.3.3

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On Mon, 10 Apr 2006, Larry Alkoff wrote:

Thank you very very much Claudia. I copied your web page into my dosemu.nfo file.

After experimenting with the fonts installed by dosemu, I simply entered the 12x24 font I liked from with 1.2.2 from /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc
(not in /usr/local/share/dosemu/Xfonts) and it worked perfectly!
This makes my life a lot easier.

Finally I'm going to be able to use my old favorite dos programs (WS SuperCalc and Q&A) without eyestrain.

Do you have any advice for changing the white letters on black to something nicer like black letters on light background?

Just to elaborate: the default for DOSEMU changed to use its own X window by default, where it used to be inside the xterm. If you want the terminal behaviour you need to use the -t option as in "dosemu -t".

As far black on white: you can set $_term_color=(off) in combination with dosemu -t, which removes *all* colors; without the -t option the only way is to configure the DOS app itself to display black on white if it can be configured that way. You can also look for DOS palette change utilities, or set MENUCOLOR=0,15 (or 0,7) in config.sys but then it all depends on what the DOS app does with it.

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