Installing ms-dos from floppies

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Recently somebody gave me an old set of MS-DOS 6.22 floppies.
I am now running dosemu with MS-DOS 6.00 (just copied from an old
computer) but I thought it would be nice to try an 'official'
floppy install of 6.22.

I put the first floppy in the drive and called xdosemu -A. Then
soon, I was given the following options:

Microsoft MS-DOS 6.22 Setup

    MS-DOS files cannot be installed on your hard disk
    because the format of drive C is incompatible with
    MS-DOS 6.22. You can have Setup reformat drive C for
    you, or you can exit Setup now and reformat drive C

    Caution: Reformatting will erase all files and
    directories currently on drive C.

          Format this drive (recommended).

          Exit Setup.

    To accept the selection, press ENTER.
    To change the selection, press the UP or DOWN ARROW key,
    and then press ENTER.

I am not very keen on having my "C" drive (actually my ~/dos
directory) erased completely. From a recent message by Bart I
doubt that this would actually happen, but I selected 'Exit Setup'

Is there a simple procedure to install MS-DOS from floppies in a
working dosemu? Or do I just have to "expand" everything by hand?

Regards, Jan

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