Re: What do I need to use win32s on dosemu?

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John Steele Scott (t-tec) wrote:
Has anyone got Win32s working under dosemu?
Unfortunately, no.
The win32s support in dosemu is still disabled - noone got
around to get it to work yet.
However, Borland C++ 4.5 AFAIK has also the text-mode tools
that use 32rtm. These can work under dosemu. The GUI tools
can not (yet).

What versions of dosemu/windows/os2/ms-dos/win32s do I need?
Some future versions of dosemu, I am afraid.
Feel free to open the RFE on the dosemu tracker to make sure
the win32s support won't be forgotten again.
If you have any documentation on the w32s.386 interfaces -
that will help.

Also see this win32 emulator:
It can work under dosemu and maybe it will help you, although
this is unlikely.

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