What do I need to use win32s on dosemu?

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I have been been trying to find a setup where I can run Borland C++ 4.5 on a
GNU/Linux box. Wine can't handle this application due to some ring 0

I can get the 16-bit parts of Borland C++ working under windows 3.1 on
either MS-DOS 6.22 or a recent version of FreeDOS. I would now really like
to get the 32-bit tools working as well. Borland supported this on Windows
3.1 using win32s. However, I have been unable to get this installed

The win32s installer complains about not finding SHARE.EXE, but continues
anyway. But when I try to run the example Freecell program, I get the error
"Improper installation. Win32s requires W32S.386 to run. Re-install

Has anyone got Win32s working under dosemu? What versions of
dosemu/windows/os2/ms-dos/win32s do I need? I am currently using dosemu



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