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Stas Sergeev wrote:

> Hello.
> Ralph Alvy wrote:
>> I noticed someone in the Crossover mailing list wanting to find a DOS
>> emulater that will allow him to run a program that keeps giving him an
>> error message like "this is a windows-nt character mode program". He
>> said it won't work in dosemu/freedos, but I think he tried it in a very
>> old dosemu/freedos. Might that work in the current dosemu/freedos
>> environment now?
> No, but there are a few programs, like wdosx
> which can do that under DOS and under dosemu.
> There is also a more ambitious win32 emulator called HX:
> Apart from the text-mode programs, it also allows to run
> some GUI programs like Quake2, zdoom, qemu/win32 etc.
> But it is not mature yet, and is not fully supported under
> dosemu, even though we work with its author and do our best to
> make sure the proper support will appear in the subsequent dosemu
> releases.
> So to summarize: you can't run the win32 binaries under DOS
> (dosemu) without using one of the existing win32 emulators.

Thanks. I'll forward this to the Crossover mailing list.

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