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Ralph Alvy wrote:
I noticed someone in the Crossover mailing list wanting to find a DOS
emulater that will allow him to run a program that keeps giving him an
error message like "this is a windows-nt character mode program". He said it won't work in dosemu/freedos, but I think he tried it in a very old dosemu/freedos. Might that work in the current dosemu/freedos environment now?
No, but there are a few programs, like wdosx
which can do that under DOS and under dosemu.
There is also a more ambitious win32 emulator called HX:
Apart from the text-mode programs, it also allows to run
some GUI programs like Quake2, zdoom, qemu/win32 etc.
But it is not mature yet, and is not fully supported under
dosemu, even though we work with its author and do our best to
make sure the proper support will appear in the subsequent dosemu
So to summarize: you can't run the win32 binaries under DOS
(dosemu) without using one of the existing win32 emulators.

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