Re: [PATCH] mmc: meson-mx-sdhc: Fix initialization frozen issue

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在 2023/6/20 3:51, Martin Blumenstingl 写道:

first of all: thank you for this patch!

On Mon, Jun 19, 2023 at 7:36 PM Ziyang Huang <hzyitc@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Commit 4bc31edebde5 ("mmc: core: Set HS clock speed before sending
HS CMD13") set HS clock (52MHz) before switching to HS mode. For this
freq, FCLK_DIV5 will be selected and div value is 10 (reg value is 9).
Then we set rx_clk_phase to 11 or 15 which is out of range and make
hardware frozen. After we send command request, no irq will be
interrupted and the mmc driver will keep to wait for request finished,
even durning rebooting.
I think this is the exact same problem I reported some days ago: [0]
Ulf is questioning whether we properly support 52MHz clocks correctly,
so I think you're onto something!

So this is an excellent finding! I can confirm that using rx_clk_phase
of 1 makes my Odroid-C1 eMMC work again :-)

So let's set a common value - 1 just for initialization. Then let
meson_mx_sdhc_execute_tuning() to find the accurate value for data
As far as I know unconditionally using value 1 can negatively affect
other devices.
I'm assuming that you're testing on an Odroid-C1 or similar board with
HS200 eMMC:
On those SoC + eMMC combinations we do support. But on other boards
(for example Meson8b EC-100 / Endless Mini) there's no HS200 support
because the eMMC is connected with 3.3V IO lines. So tuning is not
executed there (if I recall correctly).

Sorry for the later reply. I'm so busy these day.

After checking the code, I found the following flow, so I think tuningshould work for all cards.

    -> __mmc_start_request()
      -> mmc_retune()
        -> mmc_execute_tuning()          -> host->ops->execute_tuning()

And yes, 1 may be not a good choice. I consider 3 values:
  - 1
  - div_val / 2
  - div_val - 1

Maybe, (div_val / 2) is a good choice. How do you think?

What do you think about adding a special case for the 51MHz "actual
clock rate" and adding a comment that it was found by manual testing?
For some reason (that I don't understand) Amlogic's vendor driver
maxes out at 47.22MHz (presumably because they limit themselves to
using FCLK_DIV3 as input only - but I don't get why...).

With some modifications, I found that the mmc controller of S805 can work with all frequency, not only those mentioned in commit e4bf1b0970ef("mmc: host: meson-mx-sdhc: new driver for the Amlogic Meson SDHC host"). It seem like that every things work fine. I will use a oscilloscope to confirm the hardware clock is correct when I have time.

For this future commit, I don't want to add a special case.

Best regards,


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