Re: [PATCH v2 02/11] dt-bindings: hwmon: lm75: use common hwmon schema

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On 01/03/2024 15:09, Théo Lebrun wrote:
>>>> I don't see how is that relevant. You can organize your branches as you
>>>> wish, e.g. base one b4 branch on another and you will not have any warnings.
>>> That is what I do, I however do not want mips-next to have errors when
>>> running dtbs_check. Having dtbs_check return errors is not an issue?
>> You should ask your maintainer, but I don't understand how this is
>> achievable anyway. Subsystem bindings *should not* go via MIPS-next, so
>> how are you going to solve this?
> I thought it'd go in hwmon-next and be picked up by mips-next as well.
> It's clear now that the right approach is to send the lm75.yaml patch
> alone.

Then mips-next-dts branch would be based on subsystem branch with driver
changes? That violates the policy of not creating dependencies between
DTS and drivers.

What matters is final or even future release, not intermediate state.

Best regards,

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